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The Action Figures of Stargate
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Welcome to the first ever Stargate Action Figure community!

This community will detail future and past releases from Hasbro to Diamond Select Toys, also including random other action figures and model kits made by lesser known companies (if they exsist).


  1. Please only post about Stargate action figures. As all SG-related merch is awesome, this community is to share information and pictures of action figures.
  2. When posting pictures, please post them behind a lj-cut tag. You will be allowed a preview of what's behind, if you wish, but please keep it within decent dimensions.
  3. Be respectful of others. Threats, racism, or any kind of descrimination will have you removed from the community. Don't aggrivate others.
  4. Please don't advertise other communities unless given special permission. Feel free to post it, but if it gets denied or removed, that will show that permission has not been granted.
  5. Feel free to sell or trade figures or pieces. However, I am not liable for any damages or bad trading experiences with anyone. Any bootlegged figure offers will be removed.
  6. Customized figures are allowed. :)
  7. Have fun!


If you have any questions concerning the community, feel free to contact hako_neko at nobel.rabbit[at]gmail[dot]com with topic line: "stargatefigures lj". Please email me there if you'd like to exchange links, aswell.